C2P Enterprises

Simplifying financial planning for advisors and their clients

C2P Enterprises is a holding company comprised of four distinct brands, each designed to simplify financial planning for advisors and the clients they serve. United by the vision to provide planning and financial products in the best interest of the client, each company offers education, training, resources and tools to meet a client’s unique financial situation, along with access to an array of investment and insurance vehicles to help accomplish their goals.  

Each organization is committed to fiduciary best interest practices and training industry standards for a higher qualify of holistic financial planning services to families nationwide and worldwide.  

About Clarity 2 Prosperity

Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training, coaching and IP development organizations founded and led by advisors, coaches and business leaders. Their mission is to shift advisor focus from selling products to becoming holistic service providers, effectively serving the comprehensive needs of American families. Clarity 2 Prosperity partners with likeminded advisors who want to build holistic planning practices and trains them on how to incorporate investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income and healthcare planning into one congruent plan. Advisors are provided on-demand access to the financial planning, operational and marketing processes necessary to operate a holistic planning practice through the company’s innovative university style e-Learning platform. 

About Prosperity Capital Advisors

Prosperity Capital Advisors is a planning-first, SEC registered investment adviser (RIA) that equips advisors with an array of fee-based financial planning and investment solutions to meet their individual clients’ unique needs. It offers advisors a full-service, open architecture investment platform for turnkey asset management as well as tools and resources to build holistic financial plans. Prosperity Capital Advisors is custodian agnostic and provides affiliated advisors extensive support, advanced portfolio analytics and reporting, investment product due diligence and selection, and more. 

About Valor Capital Management

Valor Capital Management is an SEC registered investment adviser firm operating as a Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP). Valor subscribes to an evidence-based investment management philosophy and offers exclusivity as one of 16 approved TAMPs with Dimensional Fund Advisors. It provides a range of investment offerings, including more than 20 portfolios consisting of Dimensional proprietary mutual funds and a best-in-class ETF portfolio line, with performance reporting accessible on Morningstar. Portfolios are designed to deliver tax-efficient, low-cost and broad diversification for various account sizes, tax qualification types and volatility profiles. 

About C2P Advisory Group

C2P Advisory Group is a fiduciary-friendly insurance marketing organization (IMO) that facilitates advanced product screening, selection and support for all lines of fixed insurance products, such as fixed and indexed annuities, single premium and traditional life insurance and asset based long-term care products. It works to create efficient back-office support and quality service standards to help advisors issue new business quickly, accurately and effectively. C2P Advisory Group is dedicated to the implementation of best interest practices for the use of its insurance products—effectively mitigating risk for institutions, their advisors, and ultimately American families nationwide through sophisticated case design, product selection and implementation of insurance solutions as financial planning tools.

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